The Responsive Ecologies Lab @ Ryerson University

Aroma Lab

Current Project

The Aroma Inquiry Lab is a transdisciplinary informal learning and research environment for multimodal inquiry, communication, making and interaction involving directly experiential activities with aroma. Our emphasis on practical and real-world applications is integral to scaffolding authentic and experiential learning underwritten by theoretical frameworks of knowing as doing and understanding materials from inside-out. The Aroma Inquiry Lab is the only such environment in Canada that is specifically focused on pedagogical (as opposed to purely scientific, psychological or artistic) approaches to aroma as a multimodal affordance of materials, organisms and ecologies for learning, making, and tangible interaction across varied disciplines and domains of practice. The theoretical foundations that inform our practices here draw on critical pedagogy, multimodal literacy, ecological perception, and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) as approaches to research as praxis. Thus, the nature of the curriculum and pedagogy we are developing with our collaborating researchers and educational partners explicitly and directly addresses some of the more hidden barriers involved in meaningfully and critically integrating aroma into programs of research and study.


Start Date

Jan. 7, 2016