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Tangible mtDNA

Current Project

Biological data is becoming so complex, it is difficult for scientists and other professionals to interpret and understand it. New tools are needed to better support the manipulation and understanding of data in order to improve analyses and the formation of new hypotheses. Tangible mtDNA is an active tangible and tabletop system that allows multiple users with diverse expertise to collaborate in exploring and understanding mitochondrial DNA sequencing data in breast cancer patients. In an evaluation of the system, 5 expert biologists found it to be effective for data exploration and useful in supporting understanding, collaboration and discussion of DNA datasets.

Related Papers

2017-Tangible mtDNA: A Tangible Tabletop System for Exploring Genetic Mutations on Mitochondrial DNA Cancer Data

2016-Exploring Genetic Mutations on Mitochondrial DNA Cancer Data with Interactive Tabletops and Active Tangibles

Start Date

Oct. 1, 2015


Ali Mazalek

Nauman Baig

Shahin Khayyer

Roozbeh Manshaei

Brien East

Sean DeLong