The Responsive Ecologies Lab @ Ryerson University

RE/Toolkit: Developing Responsive And Interactive Environments

Current Project

Responsive Ecologies Toolkit (RE/Tk) is a flexible development tool that cuts down the complexity of setting up the technological medium thus making it easier to prototype applications for heterogeneous networked devices. RE/Tk is motivated by issues of underlying technological infrastructures in HCI, new needs emerging from the recent technical development, and the needs of iterative prototyping in our research routine.

Related Papers

2016-ROSS Toolkit: An Infrastructure and API for Building Interactive Environments

2016-Developing Responsive and Interactive Environments with the ROSS Toolkit

2016-Prototyping "In The Wild" Interaction Scenarios With RE/Tk

2015-Responsive Objects, Surfaces and Spaces (ROSS): Framework for Simplifying Cross-Device Communication

Start Date

Jan. 1, 2015


Aneesh Tarun

Andrea Bellucci

Ahmed Arif

Ali Mazalek

Victor Alexandru

Veronica Andric